Seasoning sauce
Kecap Manis / Indonesian sweet soy  and Sweet Fava bean sauce (soy free sauce) 
Kecap Manis is sweetened soy sauce originated in Indonesia. We also developed soy sauce alternative product made from 99,9% Finnish raw materials: Sweet Fava bean sauce, it is soy free. Kecap manis and sweet fava bean sauce are gluteen free, also made in Finland using  the traditional fermentation method of Java Island, Indonesia. Both are thick syrupy, dark, aromatic, salt and sweet sauce.  Kecap manis and sweet fava bean sauce give a wonderful deep taste, as sweetener and salt, also give a darker color in food. Used as all purposes seasoning, for food preparation or just for table condiment:  Marinades, wok, soups, stews, sauces or dips.
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